Another Renoise Native Competition?

Hello again everyone,

I am looking for some more competitions and was thinking, do we want to do another Renoise Natives Competition? I really enjoyed the first one, and figuring that I helped kickstart some of the enthusiasm for the first one, let’s do another one! Does the winner of the first want to pick the next theme?

The winner did pick a new theme and from there it seemed to, well, fizzle.

Regardless, I would also like to participate in a compo. For fun.

well there seemed to be some lack of something with ppl involved, so this did not happen yet. dunno, lack of organisation, lack of motivation, lack of time/energy, lack of communication. also I on my account missed a point or two I should not have missed to make it happen…I’m so sorry about it, ppl…

I’d say let’s just try again somehow, to make it happen again, but this time planned/organised well enough beforehand, for it to not derail or confuse people too much. I don’t mean big tamtam, just a proper plan how things are supposed to happen BEFORE the thing is started. maybe let’s discuss in forum before, so things are all set before the rocket is launched again, and people could collect their preferences about the compo & the thing becoming know by more renoisers beforehand, as to have more possible contestants. would be my personal recommendation how to deal about it.

yes I had picked a genre, but now round two did somehow derail, I picked/disclosed it much too early because I was drunk at that moment, and I’d say it maybe would be wise to reevaluate things a bit anyways. the goa/psy trance genre is maybe also not so optimal, not the most popular genre, also not among renoise freaks. maybe a public poll, so the genre chose has most fans ready to rock the renoise?

just my thoughts on this so far. I personally would love thing being carried on.

howabout hi - jungle - tek


I’m not really ready to enter a competition yet but it would be cool if you guys based a competition around sound effects.

Like you could say the theme is ‘icicles’, ‘bubbling lava’, ‘lazers’, ‘squawking parrots’, turkey gobbles’ or ‘dinosaur calls’.

Or maybe a competition based on only single cycles ( with a simple pack provided ), focussing on best use of phrases to show what renoise can do with very little.

How Bout a Punnami Naagu #themed one; in remembrance to the weirdo, who so prominently fu kkk ed uP the last Natives - Compo?

Yeah, that monkey from India jungle is very annoying.

#Elohym is a fool?

No lil @WangBoi :smashed:

El°HYM is juz the one who organized & started the first Natives-Compo, made the flyer, the #theme, the rulez…not to forget with help of LoB!

So why u not go & grab ya sum tasty Mango-chutney & shut the fukk uP.

Your comments can be quite annnoying on occasion, especially with all you references to the kkk, judaism, donald trump etc.

Its pretty obvious that you have set up multiple user accounts to troll the renoise forum.

I see that you set up a competition named ‘natives’ but didnt enter the competition yourself.

I have no problem with that in itself. Some good tracks came out of that competition.

I am curious, do you even use renoise?

Would you troll the ableton forums or MPC forums in the same way?

I guess you think you are funny or something.

I think the craze for that kind of trolling ended around 2006, or that was the time when its stopped being funny anyway.

I probably shouldnt reply to you. You know, ‘dont feed the troll’.

Just calmly letting you know your being a bit of a dick.

It would be interesting to see what people would come up with in a competition focussing on old school sound effects made with single cycle waveforms and fast phrases…or new school sound effects made with single cycles and effects+modulation. A combination of both. A samplepack of unusual single cycle waveforms could be provided. Not necessarily just the usual sine, square, triangle and saw.

It would be a competition that could showcase what can be done with phrases and that would show just how little renoise needs to sound great ( just some single cycles ).

Its just an idea. I wont be entering, too busy with other things but I’d be interested to see that kind of stuff.

Maybe people are more up for breakbeat, Goan trance or drumnbass/jungle…big bass sounds and more modern sounding.

Anyway sound effects like these combined with effects chains and modulation could be nice :

might do well to just facsimile the dead dog. for whatever reasons, rly was pretty much conner’s and that for top notch smash hit compo success so far. and it’s been a long far, eh? no use beating a dead horse over spilt milk.

…so yea # whateva

…good luck with da nu # compo












pl o i mean ok??

450 posts!!!

You could learn from kvr osc how to do a compo properly. The Moderators should be neutral und supportive, and not doing an ego show. The moderators also do not jugde. It’s not about them, it is about the work of the competitors. Then there must be some limiting rules, in this case renoise sampling is the limiting factor. There could be more. I would say the more clever limits, the more fun. Or you have no rules, I loved Conners compos, yet the lack of limitation did not improve it.

And then there must be some proper voting concept. At kvr Osc, the creators have to vote each other, anonymously, but you can also post a comment to share thoughts about the others work. Foreign voters have to written at least 100 posts in the forum, to ensure no one is summoning Facebook army. You give each track 1 to 5 points. This could be even expanded to categories like “overall mix, composition, emotion, power” or whatever. There is a official voting timespan, too, 15 days. Who is not voting all others will be disqualified with his work.

That is pretty much the job of the moderator, and he also shouldn’t post anything off topic or distraction.

EDIT: Oh, and after voting timespan, the anonymous votes will become public, of course. kvr osc even is publishing a neat excel spreadsheet, including tendencies!

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please hand over responsibility for the “renoise natives” game to somebody who is at least a bit serious about it and as well mature and motivated enough…to…just make a plan & then set the boat on the river, to watch it floating with grace into its haven…

why not make a round of #beatz and spread some good vibes. and leave the slandering to those who cannot love music. a foul mouth cannot sing with purest voice, with the muse wrinkling her beautiful nose and passing on her job having to face such a bad smell.

Can someone recommend a particularly memorable competition from the past ( apart from the mutant breakz competitions ) with really good tracks?

I want to listen to some renoise users tracks to get an idea for song structure and learn about stuff by checking out song files.

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Sine waves only…