Another sample collab?

Unlike yourlocalloser, I sadly don’t have any mics to record samples, but I do enjoy processing synth sounds and the like.

Making a new drum hit is a step by step process, so I thought it’d be interesting to see what would happen when other people are ‘inserted’ in between steps. Bouncing around ideas, basically.

I’ve included a little XRNI of what this could look like after 3 iterations. When you modify it, you’re free to include as much or as little of the original sample as you like. I’d like to see a collection of unique samples with different character, rather than just one sample that’s been processed in different ways.

so basically, layer, distort, and process the ‘Most Recent’ sample, and post it back here.

(edit) We’ve currently built up 10-ish samples, don’t feel restricted to using only the ‘Most Recent’ sample. Layer each one together if you want - just focus on making something cool or interesting.

EDIT 30th DEC ------ NEW RULES -----------

Alright instead of uploading the XRNI, I’d like if you’d just give the sample in WAV or FLAC. This will keep us from constantly re-downloading and uploading the huge XRNI file.

Second, I’ll still be managing a compilation XRNI posted below, prolly in 5MB chunks for my convenience (I’ll just write no. 1-10, 11-20 etc). I may not be the fastest, so if you keep your copy up to date, then feel free to PM a link, I’ll post here.

Collab 9 (updated Dec 30th)

Like this?

hell yeah. nice!

that sample might make some wild snares.

bet u cant go harder

Also, I’m going to update the op whenever I post something

Collab - 4.xrni

Oh go on then… Collab - 5.xrni

I guess I should add that it’s best to render your sample out. We don’t want a bunch of effect chains clogging things up :P

Edit: Actually, I can see that the re-upping XRNI is going huge problem as we accumulate more samples; I’m going to update the OP with new rules

From now on upload in WAV or FLAC like so:

6. Skolskoly.flac

I’ll try to manage the XRNI, but if I get lazy, and you’ve been keeping it up to date yourself, PM me the link and I’ll stick it in the OP

Another one added: [Collab - 6]( - 6.xrni)

PS. I rendered mine. ;)

Might want to include the link :3

edit: (d’oh ninja’d)

also for anyone who jumps to the bottom of the thread, see the new OP, and remember to upload in WAV or FLAC

Shit I just made one with afta’s sample aswel :D

Colab 6.5

cool, just upload the wav or flac and edit your post please! :)
(please read the op too, if you haven’t)

I gave the link to the new instrument?
Do you only want te audio files now?

that’s right, I only want the audio files, read the first post for clarifications :)

This is fun… I made another one from f+d+k’s

Collab - 8

sounds great afta8 :)
9. Skolskoly_5.wav

nothing much, just thought I’d make it more pizzicato-y, eq’d a little too.

Version number is still nine, but I’m also adding td6d’s 6.5 to the archive.


I pizzicato’d your pizzicato :)
10. afta8 3.wav

You guys have come up with a nice set of usable sounds there! gonna keep tabs on where this goes for sure!

I went from version 9 I think?

Collab 11?

This is the original, layered with the edit by CAS. (3 layers total)
Please turn down your speakers/headphones. ;)/>