Another "short"

Ok, a lot of sampledisks and after buying a Midi/USB Keyboard and an Mixtable, another short try with renoise. :)

I love renoise and all the posibilitys, but i try to make this without any VST(i). Old Tracker Scool.

I will finish this now, and later “hypnoze me” with new possibilitys. ;)

Sorry 4 my english. :ph34r:


not a lot to explore here, but judging the few moments available, it’s nothing to go crazy about but nothing too bad either.
lacks expression and progression, maybe post some more advanced version? :)

soundscape is very good… from what i can hear … cool reverb on snare.

i wonder how do you use your mixtable with renoise?

Yep, i must finsh them. (and others)

Mix has 10 (+2mic) analog inputs, i dont use them all, but the sound of good Terratec Equipment wiht 2PC. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (MidionLane*VSTiHost)

Next buy will by an card with anoug outputs. x)
Some what you hear is no effekts but old Tracker-Scool (amiga). :)

Main : XP2600+ Terratec 1024 fire
Slave: K6-500- XL Maestro (ISA ;) )

Pre-Mix:M-Audio Midiman61 (Keyboard +controls)
Mix:Phonic MU1202
Monitor: Sennheiser HD 580precision(headphone, i love it)
Re-Record: Sony Minidisc MDS JE330
Final=analog 100%
sorry 4my english ;)

Another try

abrexxes&desk (percussion/theme)

You hear renoise and Albino (Linplug)

arranged on previous equipment.
(desk use a HD480 from Sennheiser an a creative LS audigy)

But not yet mixed (percussion) and only first pattrens)
(Mixed by renoise(digital)) <…designed for game (alpha)

Next Time, we will only realese Final Versions here. ;) <—promise