Another Success Story!

Woohoo! :walkman:

I just tested the Linux beta and it’s working like a charm! Taktik you’re the man! bows

Initially I had some GUI lag, but after adjusting the ALSA buffers and enabling the realtime option (now set to 128 - 5ms on a SB Audigy, very nice!) the GUI lag disappeared.

I have some problems getting Jack to work though. Renoise says the libs couldn’t be found although I have /usr/lib/ Weird part is that when I run jackd manually it core dumps, so maybe that’s the reason Renoise can’t initialize it.

That doesn’t really matter though now that I have such a low latency with ALSA :) (And I’m going to reinstall anyway for other reasons.)

I guess the only thing still missing is my collection of Windows VST’s. When DSSI support is added I should be able to use the DSSI-vst plugin to load (at least some of) them. I hope that feature will be included in the 1.9.1 final release! But I’m already very happy with the fact that I’m finally able to make some music in Linux without having to dualboot all the time.

I haven’t tried MIDI input yet, because my Audigy doesn’t have a MIDI input and my M-audio Audiophile firewire doesn’t work in Linux… (freebob developers, if you read this: Please make it work! :) )

Thanks everyone who made this possible!! :w00t: