another very little one...

make logarithmic acceleration for the mouse wheel, i mean the more faster i’m rolling the wheel the more bigger becomes the step. also make little option (liner>curve percentage) for that in config/gui.

and BTW, how about use mouse wheel button? in windows that button works to set focus (at least in my 98se).

i suggest to use mouse wheel button for:

if pressed at tracks area then bottom tabs switch to “track envelopes” (or track dsp") for the track which under the mouse.

if pressed at bottom tabs area then it toggle to next tab, i.e. “track/dsp setting”>“instrument settings”>“track envelopes”>“advanced edit”>“song properties”>“config”>“track/dsp setting”> etc

if pressed in sample editor/instrument editor then it switch from the “sample editor/instrument editor” to “pattern editor”, i.e. like “exit” in these editors.

if pressed in upper tabs then it switch between “spectrum/scope/track” and “disc operation”.

i think these little thingies would be very nice B)

one more area:

if pressed at instrument selector area then it switch to “intrument editor”. the same with sample selector area.

so, will these little thingies in 1.2?

i just posted a lot of little suggestions, and no reply from developers :)

we dont forget any suggestions. Sometimes I just feel stupid replying all the time with “yea. good idea. will do this”.

that’s great! but sometimes replies make a good descussion where a suggestion becomes perfect…