Another Way To Sidechain

I decided to give a try to achieve sidechain compressor effect in renoise without additional software.
I came up with this demo.

Basic idea is that it uses LFO device to control compressor ratio. You can sync it with “x6yy” command.
Fine tuning you can do with the custom wave in LFO device. Hopefully this is helpful for someone.

This has been brought up many times before… it’s not sidechaining. The tern “sidechaining” implies that you’re using the amplitude of another track to control the threshold of the compressor. This method you mention is entirely useless for many applications such as automatically ducking a track when vocals play, or keying a synth to hit at the same time as another instrument.

So yah, in conclusion, “OMFG I CAN DUCK THE BASS UNDER MAH 4 ON TEH FLOOR KICK” = only one, very limited use of sidechaining… and the ability to do it with LFO does not mean you are actually sidechaining

don’t be a dick

I can understand that you are frustrated cause have seen few of same kinda posts already cause you have been into renoise and renoise forum a while longer than i have. I am sorry that i didn’t read the forum completely before posting. I only checked if there was any in the latest ones.
Did you read the comments of the track? Because i mentioned that it’s not “truu” sidechain, just a fix for now.

Btw, your comment felt a bit hostile. Everything fine at home?

Good call. I have this feeling that many ppl are waiting for the sidechain effect (a.k.a. ducking effect) to become available as a native Renoise device,

Your approach is in fact how most of those über-pumping tracks (Eric Prydz - Call On Me) are created - it offers more precise control than a real sidechain would ever be able to!

Hm? This is nice but what is the better way to do ducking?
Using the threshold slider or the ratio?
What about to set the lfo to one shot and reset it every time that the kick comes in to duck the bass?

Do you mean that the thing with the lfo is more precise than with a sidechain comp?

Hmm? Is this really the technic to create tracks say (eric prydz - call on me)?

What do you mean exact with the more precise control?

This becomes interesting. ^_^

More precise, since you can create a custom envelope in the LFO, and finetune it until it sounds just right. This would be much more difficult when dealing with i.e. an external kick drum, since you would have to “shape” the kick drum amplitude envelope and the compressor doing the actual ducking. Adjust either, and you have to do it all over again!

I tend to think of your approach as “expressive” compression, it’s really an effect rather than a part of the mixing and mastering process.

Being a dick would be if I simply called him a name. I took the time to explain myself, and didn’t insult him. It’s not like I just called him a dick or anything.

Didn’t download the track. You explained your method quite well =)

I often come off as hostile online for some reason… apparently my sense of humor is abbraisive. Sorry if there was any misunderstanding… my “OMFGWTF” stuff is an ineffective attempt at OMFGROTFLLOLZ

Needless to say, your post on the subject was presented in a much more civil manner than many (“OMFG HOW COM U GUYS DUN KNOW HOW TO SIDECHAIN DUH ITS JUST LFO LOLOLOLOL”)

There is time and place for everything. I can handle rough humor and i do it myself too but it’s not my first choice with ppl i don’t know already. I concider myself as “noob” on this forum at the moment so that’s why it felt a bit weird.

We all know what it’s like to be new (some more so than others). I’ve noticed that for the most part everyone plays nice on here, but every once in a while there’s a miss communication. Don’t let this skew your opinion of the forum.

I love this forum. :walkman:

This is THE ONLY forum! :D