Antape - Boobs Dèche 8


This is my latest track. Made this week with my actual setup (i.e Renoise rewired in Reaper + Korg Electribe SX + Korg Monotron).

The track is available for download in flac so if you feel your booty starting to shake when listening to it, feel free to pump it directly to your acid hard drive.

Also, feedback is always welcomed, especially concerning the mix, as I’m trying to reduce my extreme laziness at mixing my tracks properly.


That’ s a very strange track ! The mix is OK to me, and about the compression I love over compressed tracks so I’ m not the one you should listen to about this :) It may needs some breaks, andsome velocity variations, but that’ s a nice track overall.

Bonne journée !

My booty refuses to stop shaking.

Reaper + Renoise ftw! I mostly use these together too, love how well Renoise behaves as a slave.

Yeah, I know what you mean about the velocity variations. That is something I actually rarely use at the moment because rarely feel the need to. I think the way it is adds a rough and silly mood to the song. But you’re right, some variations could benefit it and maybe increase this mood if well handled. I’ll try to think about it the next time.

Great !

My experience in Rewiring any software is kind of short but I agree with that, and I’m fully satisfied about this setup right now. The time synchronisation is very good and perfectly handles tempo variations !