Antape - Junpei'S Sandbugs


This is my latest creation. Renoise rewired through Reaper plus some Monotron / Electribe contributions.

Enjoy and feel free to post some feedback

Realy nice electronic beat mixed with great melody. I like it :) Nice tune :)

maybe a drop at ~ 1:40?!

Thanks for your comments ^_^

I don’t understand what you mean ; are you talking about a technical drop (a clic or whatever) ? because I can’t hear anything wrong compared with the song session. Maybe the re-triggered high pitched bass drum sounds like a drop ? Or maybe you’re talking about a drop of the musical tension in the song ? Or maybe the song made you cry at ~1:40 ? :P

Just joking here, but don’t hesitate to precise because I don’t want my songs to contain any drop !