Antape - Monotribe Acid 1


The first track I’ve made with my new Monotribe (happy birthday to me), electribe SX + DX9. And renoise of course :)


great track !
how do you sync it to renoise?
I might get a monotribe aswell soon and I was wondering if renoise can be in sync with those minijacks from the monotribe?

the drums/perc/breax are really cool. but i dislike the melody so much, that i cannot listen to this track a second time.



the drums/perc/breax are really cool. but i dislike the melody so much, that i cannot listen to this track a second time.



already bought it. still some things to manage the sync with a second renoise.
here is the 1st TEST:

I didn’t expect to see this thread unburied from the depth !

@falsoestereo : at the moment my setup is Reaper rewiring Renoise.

Basically I use the first one for the synths and the second one for the drums. So the sync with the Monotribe consists in sending Reaper’s click to the sync input of that cute little black box and recording its output. It’s pretty DIY because when you stop Reaper, the Monotribe stops at a given step of its pattern, and if you don’t press play twice (which will reset the play position to the beginning of the pattern) the Monotribe will start just from where it previously stopped when it’ll receive a new click.

This way of working is still nice because it makes you thinking in terms of simpleness because you basically can’t afford something to complicated with it. I’ll go for a midi upgrade in the future but so far I’m fine with the basic features of this box.

Have fun with yours, it’s an amazing little synth ! (and my first analogue one, I’m so happy with it)

@ oldMAN : well if you don’t like the melodies then there’s nothing I can do for you because it’s quite representative of my tracks (in a naive style), except for the little extra noodling at the end which I would have like to avoid but this track was dashed off somewhat and after three days working on it I just wanted to finish with it.

Quite enjoyed this and a few of your other tunes when trying to work through a large backlog of tracks downloaded from here. Nice one :)

Yes it Is a beautiful analogue synth, my 1st one aswell.
thanks for the input on the sync choice, (i have just connect a renoise metronome coming from a second computer into the monotribe sync input, just to know in which Bpm exactly it was, then beatmatching the drums from another renoise on my main laptop, artesanal sync I would say, still my best choice to work)
I ve used this little magical black box in that track backing it up with 2 renoise instances open,i like the idea of recording it live ,mixing and playing all on the go and after compressing a bit

I m listening to your last track, cool is