Antape - My Sawteeth Are Bleeding (Banana Incorporation)

Renoise made Breakcore beats + silly acid line and then the beat gets kinda Hip Hop and the vibe goes Braindance. Lol. What a piece of crap I just wrote.

Anyway, your feedback is welcomed, in its harsher form because I like to know what people like and don’t like about my music.

Also, let me announce that this track is a good example of the vibe the EP I’m working on “Primitive Silly Music” will give.

Cheers !

PS : download is enabled

Interesting track, mix of differend styles :)with kinda chippy sounding :) Nice i like it ;)

Cheers :)

damn you’re crazy …I really like the glissando like saw line at the end …cheesy but great

lol thanks :w00t:

yeah these acid slides are cheesy but that’s the cheesy I like :)