Antape - Smashing The Image Boxes

Hey everybody. A track about smashing TVs for the greater good.

You may find it inspired by Modeselektor. Well, it is. But I hope it also sounds like Antape.

Comments (good and bad) very welcomed. Download enabled. And if you like that know that I’m working on my first EP which you may like as well. Coming soon (or late)


I like.

Nice build up at the end, reminds me of something I might do :)

Thanks guyzs!

nice and wacky! in a good way of course! i like the heavy bass sounds asnd the swooshing effects! nice glitching!

nice work man, very neat mixdown.

Thank you both for listening and commenting. I’ve been working on an “enhancement” of the end of the track :

I don’t think it’ll move from now. Well, I’ll maybe develop the sound of that heavily distorted kick at the end if I decide to release the track on an album or EP.