Antape - Towers Phalix (Steel Flickering)

Latest track !

The longer one I’ve been working on, surely the harder to mix (I don’t think I’m satisfied with it actually) :unsure:

Hope the hindsight will grow back soon, and before that feel free to give me any kind of feedback !


wow it was probably a hell to mix it
especially after 03:45,
when you reach the climax.
this track is very special,
a bit schizophrenic
the bassline is cool and has a good presence
and is melted with an original rythm structure,
that has a willfully “shifted” tempo
someone could easily say it’s just a failure but
the way you melt harmonic and unharmonic series
tuned and detunes sounds
is done with a lot of precision
not easy to understand but
in the end makes a good impression

wow ça a du être infernal à mixer,
particulièrement à partir de trois minutes quarante cinq
quand tu mets la purée
le titre est vraiment spécial
un peu schizophérique
la ligne de basse est cool, elle a une bonne présence
elle est mêlée à une structure rythmique originale
dont le temps fort est volontairement “décalé”
certains pourraient vite dire que c’est mal ajusté mais
la façon dont tu mélanges l’harmonie et la disharmonie
la consonnance avec la dissonnance
relève d’un travail de haute précision
une piste pas facile d’accès,
mais au final, qui fait son effet

have listened it from beginning to end without skipping, that says for me! you play with your buildup and sound like it’s the only way it could evolve! kudos for your arrangement

mixwise i think the synths and short kick have a nice rounded warm sound which contrasts nicely with the gritty and a bit harsh sounding percussion sounds. i wouldnt change this too much. sometimes your synths would benefit from a little bit more delayfx.

nice work

Thanks for your replies, they’re much appreciated ! The hindsight I was waiting for came to me and now I know I’m happy with this track.

Concerning the mix, I think I’ll come back to it when I’ll be at the point I have enough tracks that chains coherently enough to constitute an EP. Then I’ll mix back all the songs I’ll put in it. Anyway I keep in mind the advice about delaying the synths a bit more, it could actually be a good idea. So let’s say this is just a Soundcloud mix. downloadable in flac BTW.

see ya / à la prochaine !