Anthony Parks - polygonal hex shading

my first experiments in renoise after using ableton for 10+ years. there is no going back for me when it comes to sequencing. i might create samples or do linear recording in ableton but for patterns and arrangement with samples renoise is untouchable. as a professional programmer i so appreciate all the keyboard friendliness. huge fan.


wow @slujr thanks for the like, i really love your videos on youtube. the generative videos were very inspiring!

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Yeah man, nice tunes! Very solid for your first renoise forays :+1: I’d keep polishing the sound design (instrument fx chains ftw) and mixing, but dude, composition is on point! :fire:
Glad if you get something from the videos :grin:

Welcome to Renoise!

thanks MrZensphere, still getting the hang of mixing in renoise…im having some pretty wild midrange problems in these tracks, i think i need to shell out for the fabfilter ProQ. i wish i could aggressive cut with higher Q factors for the built in EQ devices

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You can always stack eqs in a doofer set the macros to control frequency and depth and q of specific bands, save as a preset and use it wherever you want. But I imagine proQ is worth the coin

fwiw last night i bought FabFilter ProQ and even though it felt outrageous to spend $169 on an EQ the interface was so smooth it gave me literal chills down my spine to use it, no joke.