Anti-virus S/ware

I am currently using Norton on my machine and it is due for a registration update. I have been doing a bit of research into alternatives before I re-register just to see if there is anything better out there for my money.

The ones that have caught my eye are:




Does anyone have any experience with these good/bad or any other recomendations worth considering


Personally I run Avast antivirus, Spybot Search and Destroy and Lavasof Adaware.

All free and works perfectly. Not had a problem on my system.

Hardware router with NAT and running Firefox does help mind ;)

Thanks for the response kazakore will try out the free version of avast, am thinking of keeping more than 1 AV on my system atm. Trying a couple of these freebies I have found a couple of extra trojans etc Norton missed…

Garg. Norton is nasty, evil Bloatware. Best avoided with a barge pole if you can.

2000 wasn’t so bad, and a couple of good things in it (Systemworks), but it’s just got worse and worse and really tries to take over your system, and there are big chuncks you can’t remove with a simple uninstall. :o

Thanks for the tip, will bear this in mind.

Im now looking more atnod32` which seems to be a little more advanced to control but have read a lot of good about it.

Has anyone had experience with this AV at all?

I can highly recommend Kaspersky.

Finds a lot more stuff than NA, and uses less system resources. My computer even shuts down in half the time it did before I removed Norton…

Thanks lex may well have a try of the demo after demoing nod32

Yeah heard a few people recomend Kasperky before.

Think the other one that I have heard mentioned is AVG anti virus, so might be worth checking…

I am using nod32 demo now and i must say its a really good and its using very little system resources compared to another AVs i have tried.

im using nod32 aswell, the best there is :P

i dont think keeping more than one AV installed is good idea… They can go into conflict with eachother… this is not a good practice.

But to tell which is best is kinda hard. there isnt such thing as perfect antivirus. Its more about beeing smart, not clicking suspicious links and stuff. keeping whatever antivirus you have up to date and so on… I havent had any problems on my home comp with Symantec Antivitus. But as i see at work (i work as an admin) … if someone really wants to get a virus, he will get it :) no matter how good is the protection :) like they say: the problem lies usually between monitor and chair :lol:

Should this not be ok if the only one is running generally and the others used for occasional manual scans?

Thanks for all responses here everyone aswell.

i’m really happy with Antivir (aka AVG). really easy on cpu. more than daily virus definition file update. (you don’t need to download them everytime, but it’s cool to know that you could :) )
i never had some serious issues with viruses at all.

no if only one is running like service then this should be ok. I meant that if both are cheking for viruses in real time…

Ok thats what I was thinking, cheers for clarifying.

Thanks also Sqeetz for the tip.

I just run my company’s corporate Norton Aintivirus edition, which works fine:silent and in the background and even doesn’t tell me that it updated.
I sometimes check in the event viewer if it still updates.
But it works fine alright, specially when catching of some html virusses, Norton then pops up to tell me it intercepted a hijack attempt.

For spyware i use Microsoft Antispyware which works fine and better than Lavasoft’s AdAware. (Note that this comes out of the mouth of a Microsoft hater.)

Cheers vvoois, all experiences still welcomed,

However I am thinking now that I will Go for nod32 with zonealarm firewall after trialing them together. Good price and an excellent detection record from what I have read. Will also keep a couple of freebies for the extra occasional scan.

Thanks again everyone. :)

I ran Kaspersky for a VERY brief period. My old roomate had a ton of old floppies I was sorting and opening up zip files and browsing contents.

Sounds harmless right?

Gave one of them to my friend to check out a particular file I had come across and Norton displayed that it containted a virus. Kaspersky did make any fuss over the file. I tried to scan it manually with every setting I could enable, still no virus found.

Left a bad taste in my mouth. I have been using AVG ever since and it seems to use very little resources and has helped me several times.

Thanks trepain, interesting to know.

I would recommend TrojanHunter. Its one of the two best trojan guards and
the registration fee is extremly generous, you only need to register once for every computer certainly worth the money.

Here are some reviews:…ojan-hunter.htm