Any 160GB mp3 player that is not ipod?

Looking for an mp3 player that will hold a lot of music but I cant be bothered with itunes.

Any recommendations?

160GB would be ideal but even 80GB would be good.

Can you not just mount an ipod as a USB drive and drag-n-drop files?

I think you can store files on ipod in that way but you can not play them back.

To use it as an .mp3 player the only way is to use itunes.

I really hate itunes so much. I’m still annoyed that ipods ( and ipads, iphones ) do not just use ‘drag and drop’

I have been reading something about ‘itunes alternatives’ so it seems maybe there is a way to bring back the simple ‘drag and drop’ functionality you would expect from all portable media players :

Apple has the monopoly on .mp3 players. I dont think there are any other companies that are making .mp3 players as high capacity as 160GB.

All the Sony ones are only 4GB and 8GB. Its not enough.

Sony or someone should make one that just takes 8 micro SD cards or something instead.

The most expensive micro-sd cards can store 400GB each now.

I really dont want to be forced to stream all music in future, but it looks like maybe thats the way its going to be.

Everything paid for…it will suck badly, peoples music collection will be so small unless they spend thousands.


Yep. I gave up trying to find a dedicated .mp3 player with sufficient storage too. I ended installing a 124G SD card into my Moto Z Play Droid cellphone and use VLC. I preloaded my music library via an SD card adapter off my PC and use a bluetooth connection for updates. It works for me.


I did a quick check on Amazon, and there are some non-Apple options.

which can handle large-capacity SD cards.

My concern with this devices is a sound quality. You need to go thru the reviews, figure out who seems to know what they’re talking about, etc. Maybe find a reliable review elsewhere.

I’ve been using a Sandisk/Sansa E260 thing that, of course, is no longer made. (E-bay saves the day.) Takes SD cards up to 4 GB. Not earth-shattering, I know. But it has a feature I really use: skipping through a track with audio preview. Very handy for listening to downloaded shows when I want to skip ahead while being able to hear what’s getting skipped (if you know what I mean) so I don’t skip ahead too far.

It’s those kinds of features (or lack of) that makes finding a new device difficult.

Thanks for the amazon links. Those look good, exactly the kind of thing I was looking for.

The prices are not so bad either for 256GB compared with ipods.

I guess if they can play .flac and the other lossless file types they should be able to play .mp4 too.

I have been downloading many music videos from youtube, the quality is quite good theses days, but large file sizes ( 4K video downloader is working nicely ).

I think this will help you, it has helped me, thought to share with you