Any cirklon users here?

Any cirklon users here ?
I ordered mine on november 2017 , just received an email I’ll probably get it around beginning of 2020 .
Yes the waiting list is LOOONg , the good thing is that I will receive the cirklon V2

Wow, you are really patient. I was interested in one until I discovered that I would have to apply for a place in a waiting list and would have to wait for at least a year.

But 3 years :no_mouth: …I guess I would rather buy a cortex development board and try to write a stepsequencer myself…

Well I kinda forgot I registered 2 years ago , untill I registered again a couple of weeks ago and asked if they could check their database ( because I never received a comfirmation for the first order ) .
Luckily I was in the database , I think it was because of the re-organization that the mail didn’t get delivered ( they now reside in berlin )
Sso yeah …didn’t think about the cirklon for 2 years …but now that it’s coming i"m getting pretty excited .
So yeah when I get it around2020 , it will be 2 year and 2 months , not 3 years :slight_smile:

I’ve got a question for those using an external sequencer and using renoise as a vst host
The cirklon is able to send 96 midi channels over usb , so basically those are 6 usb midi busses and each bus has 16 midi channels
My question is if I will be able to utilise these 6 busses in renoise , or will renoise only see one midi bus as input ?