Any Compulsive Record Buyers ?

Well I have been a vinyl junky for 19 years now . I have to admit ,I cant seem to snap out of the habit !

are you too suffering from vinyl-junkiatus , ??

I enjoy the refreshing smell of old vinyls when your flicking through them. I also like buying them. :D

I create digital music for analogue media :) Fxck CD, fxck MP3 - vinyl is the ONLY acceptable soundsource.

I have a small collection of old skool rave (and so called “nu old skool”). Other kinds of music I buy on CD…

I’ve been thinking. Since I nowadays, when I buy an album on CD, I just rip it and store it in the closet; I might as well buy the vinyl versions: it holds its value better, looks and smells (!) better and has a warm & crackly sound. The CD advantage of insert & play are gone now with your music database connected to your network in your house, your portable player etc.

I was a junky for vinyl. But sold my SL1200s, so i automatically snapped out of it. I’m very selective nowadays. I buy stuff i really really want. So no, not that compulsive anymore :)

Well put. Buy the vinyl. Download the mp3s or flac


So selling my turntables could be the cure !!!

i used to buy a lot of vinyl, 6-7 years ago… but as i’ve become an adult and had more financial responsibilities, i can’t really afford it anymore :( sadly, i have just recently sold my turntables to a friend. i am probably going to buy a USB turntable for my dad for christmas, so he can record all his vinyl into WAV’s, and then I will borrow it from him to do the same for mine, and then sell most of them on ebay

Whenever I come across some “cheap records”-box I dig in. I love buying completely unknown/obscure records for up to 2 euro per piece (more like 50 cent or 1 euro most of the time), go home and check what I got there.
And I have to say I got some quite crazy and good stuff this way, partly for sampling, partly for DJing. My collection is a about 750+.

the thing is ,
the more records you have the more you seem to need !!! no ??? not you ?

"Show me the way
To the next record shop
Oh, don’t ask why
Oh, don’t ask why

For if we don’t find
The next record shop
I tell you we must die"