Any Good MPE Presets/Libraries/Vst?

Hey guys I got a used Roli seaboard Block and I was wondering if you know/use any good MPE libraries or vsts.I am particularly interested for more real instruments like guitar, violin and stuff like that.

Equator 2 by Roli. It comes with a lot sample based presets, especially crafted for MPE playing…

MPE support in Renoise would be great. But this would require per note automation, which is not possible for midi instruments.


Thanks but I forgot to mention I got Equator 2 full and some libraries from the seller.I got seaboard Block ,
Lightpad Block M and Loop Block for 300 euro ,it was an offer I couldn’t refuse ,:relaxed:.Just wondering if there are users here using other MPE vsts and kontakt libraries

Nice offer! I want Equator 2, too :cry:

I can name you some MPE capable VSTis:
Falcon, Hyperion, Hive, Pigments, Vital, Icarus, Synthmaster, Serum, Surge, MSoundFactory, Diva, Bazille, Repro-5, Kontakt, Halion, Biotek 2, …

Everything which supports CLAP, everything in Bitwig, everything in Logic.

Here is a thread about MPE: New MPE synths... - Roger Linn Design Forum - KVR Audio

Did you also download the online content for Equator2?

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Thanks I will check them for sure .

Yes I have downloaded everything,10gb or more.The thing is I never had an MPE keyboard and I really don’t play the keys so it will take some time to get the hang of it ,but the amount of expression this thing gives you is amazing

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You can download Roli Studio player and Roli Studio Drums from their website if you have purchased the hardware. Lots of great sounds in the core package, and you can upgrade Equator for an added fee. Unfortunately Renoise doesn’t support MPE so you gotta record into another DAW and bring the stems back in here.

The free open source synth Surge XT supports MPE too and had lots of great presets from the devs and wider community.

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I have all of these thanks for the suggestion

Yes, it is polyphonic pitch bend and aftertouch, essentially. So, on a per-note basis. Allows for much greater expressive control than monophonic midi where pitch bend and aftertouch affect all notes played