Any Good Single-sound Techno Sound

What I’m looking for is some more sample cd’s which have individual drum/percussion sounds on them, as opposed to just a bunch of techno loops I can’t use.
I already have “Xtc Files Of Techno”, which is a very good one in this regard.

Anyone who knows any others?
Maybe the Oliver Lieb one?

The Lieb CD isn’t that good. Grab a copy from a friend if you can, but I wouldn’t spend your money on it. It’s mostly just semi-useable drum sounds, and a lot of mediocre synths/chords - most of which already have delay and reverb on them.

It has a handful of cool sounds and interesting pads/synths, but overall it’s not that great in my opinion.

Here are some:

Edit: Meaning if you have some money on your pocket

If your after single hit’s and techno samples kinda thing , we made a few sample CDrom’s with tons of samples on them “kens pocket” 2x 700mb CD’s with drums hits 309 707 808 909 etc , & tb-303 loops from the real machine also strings pads synths , just about everything you need for acid tekno music & renoise or reason , im selling on ebay at moment , also iv just completed a full instrument / track setup for renoise , every instrument is full & 7 tracks setups with various FX and one left for midi .the renoise setup is 24mb so possible download too ,all setting for the sounds are used ,like LFO & pannings filters ect.& individuly done , All are techno & trance , goa , acid dance sounds .The setup will require at least a mac G4 dual 1.25ghz to run recomend a 1.42 dual or any G5 + dual 1.8 ghz or higher , If any ones interested check out Seller soundwavechildren on Ebay , or just mail me at . and yep sample loops cd’s do suk.

You can try nskit as well:
They have a free edition of 70megs… real good drumsounds in there.