Any Idea How To Activate Interapplicationmidi (Iac) Driver In Mac?


till now I still figuring out how to activate IAC on mac, I expect with IAC activated I can do midi out route from NI Maschine (as vst) to another vst instruments via Renoise 2.6. I found other places that said you can do that in Audio MIDI setup, but mine looks different:

much appreciate

thank you.

Mac OSX 10.6.3

dont have a mac myself, but i spent a couple of hours looking for that the other day at my friends. We found it in the end, but dammit where was it??? It wasnt in that window (obviously), i think it was in the operating system settings , there is another panel somewhere. we were trying to do it with logic and renoise on my vista laptop. doesnt work connected to windows tho:-(

your “the other day” means a little hope for me, so you did found it maybe you can give me one tiny clue that you still remember so I can start digging around, very quite frustrating, its been day 3 since I bought maschine just to get busy finding the solutions.

Window>show midi window

Have you tried googling OSX IAC? Because I did and the first result was a video tutorial…

LMFAO! in the utilities panel, thats it!!!

ok thanks a lot!