Any Interesting New Vst Instrument?

Hello everybody,

Was just wondering if anyone has bumped into any new interesting VST instrument recently.
Need new inspiration… :)

I’m interested in Waldorf Largo, but there’s no demo it seems :(

Hmm. Love Waldorf sound, but yeah - their site is not too inviting…

not quite new but kv331 synthmaster

will get updated to ver 2 soon

heres some news about what will be in ver 2

Not 100% where this came from (well I know where I got the link) have a feeling it’s a friend of somebody on another forum I use…

Anyway Donk Machine, blurb about making those terrible donk noises that people seem to keep on going on about. But if you fiddle away from any of the presets you can get some very interesting sounds :D

Heh… so donk is making a comeback you say? :)
It is a pretty nice gadget for generating donks, thats for sure. Clean and easy interface.
I love the no-install VSTs.

Take some of the decays away from shortest time possible and there are some good, not-at-all donk-like sounds you can get out of that thing! :D Don’t think I would use it for an actual Donk…

Yeah, playing with it now.
Reminds me of the early days of trance a little, love it! :)
What is that M/C drop down?
And why not use it for Donks? not your style of music, or what?
If for nothing else, at least something to play with to make some cheesy house loop… :)

Not my kind of music really, not the traditional donk anyway. Can be twisted into quite a good distorted kick and the likes though. Also think some of the other sounds you can get out of it are more to my style than the actual donks.

Just been trying to find some info on it but seems hard… Is at least a couple of years old. Seems there was/is a pay version but the only mention I could see said the demo only came with a few donks (which this seems to) so hopefully this is the Demo and OK to put up here. Could only find a dead link and some music/forum bits for Alan Aztec.

Anyway on most conversations on creating donks I was say M/C refers to FM synthesis (just clicked as Modulator/Carrier ratio.) Not sure why there’s three envelopes though… That’s a four band parametric EQ in teh box with lines if you hadn’s realised. Sub oscillator with selectable octave. Reverb. Filter. Don’t quite get the two volume knobs as both have to be up to get anything…

Hmm. interesting, thanks for sharing.
Well, most of the controls are easy to follow, the rest will enjoy a trial and error approach.

This looks unbelievable!
Looks very creative, and sounds awesome!
I gotta get me one of these.
(didnt know you can add youtube like this, cool)

Synplant sounds great… I almost clicked away in the beginning of the video, thought they had smoked too much funny tobacco, but it really can create superb instruments :)
Check out the sounds in the player

Thats the kind of stuff that makes me skip work, im telling you.
Last time I was that excited was when I found out about Renoise itself…

My latest purchase (the video doesn’t really do it justice)


Not new but always getting better …
u-he zebra 2

Loved the sounds, hated the interface.
I am a fan of the more visual sound generators - you know, I want to focus on making music and not engineering sounds… I got lost in Zebra.

Hey Icarus,

Have you checked out Evolve? Better than Omnisphere IMO, at least if you’re more into movie/game music and don’t want to engineer sounds from scratch. Perfect to use this with Nexus and some good sample-CDs from Vengeance…

Check this out:…feature=related


Hey Transcender, whats up.

Saw the video, read the specs on kvr.
Sounds nice but loopy
Also not too cheap on the pocket or hard drive space… :)