Any "legendary" C-64 Composers Here?

Just to get a bit off topic, I was wondering are there some “legendary” c64 composers among us? You know, guys like Laxity, Drax, Daglish Ben or Rob Hubbard? :)

Those guys that have tons of own music on HVSC (high voltage sid collection)?

Come on, don’t be shy :)

I have seen Reyn, Laxity and Drax on X2004, but haven’t spoken them.
I have spoken to Jeroen Tel and Jazzcat, but didn’t spoke about Renoise
I have seen Hein Holt (a legend in a different section than music though), he does use it, don’t know if he registered though.
And i have seen and spoken Rick Hoekman shortly.

I’ve seen a spoken a lot of ppl actually…

Hard to get situation, three legends in one frame:Laxity, Jeroen Tel, Drax

More partypics here:


I was at X2004, it was great, I spoke to JT, Laxity, Drax, Reyn, Fanta, Rambones , Jeff etc.
I sat next to MSK but I didn’t know who he was. I didn’t find out until I saw the pictures online. He was renoising on a laptop with headphones so I didn’t wanna disturb him… too bad.

JT told me he uses nothing but Renoise for his game music, either directly for MP3 or to compose chiptunes before transcribing them to Gameboy for example.

Drax promised to try Renoise. I am sure he will because he is a heavy FT2 user like JT was. Laxity is more or a regular MIDI sequencer guy. Reyn of course has shitloads of hardware and profi software because he’s a producer right now that is doing quite well.

If you don’t know who these people are:
and the place where they all come together:

Small world isn’t it? Hein is a registered user here but not posting. To busy using Goat Tracker! :D (vincent: how was you flight? :) )

Reyn Ouwehand on the left and me saying something really interesting I guess…

Hey I just saw I talked to Rick Hoekman aswell :)

Here’s a pic of me and my hero of all times: JT ;)

(I am the handsome one)

crap !!.. i should have know there was this meeting, where is this held anyway???

i was up to my nose in the c64 scene and member of several wellknown demogroups and knew allot of people…those were the days! :)

Oregon, Sunrise, Amnesia, Pulsar and Crest.
most of the time i did gfx for demos but not music.

so… Hi to all my c64 friends !!! i love u all !!!

mlon a.k.a. Trash design / DA - Sunrise/Oregon/Amnesia :) It was 22, 23 and 24 october… Too bad you missed it! We should probably announce the next one here and flood the place with even more oldskool musicians :D Did I say there was free beer?

omg free beer !!!

ill bring the weeds !!


Weed from piet :D

Btw some lame ol’ sids of mine are in the Heatwave dir of HVSC: