Any news for future versions?

Hm… I was not aware that taktik is the only programmer. I always thought that e.g. dblue is involved.

Yes, quite good ideas. Only for automation, there could be an extra track (smaller in width) next to the track…? Just like a traditional daw, rotated by 90°.

The 90° rotation give me a bit of a headache. :wacko: Look like sounds are falling, quite disturbing.

The 90° rotation give me a bit of a headache. :wacko: Look like sounds are falling, quite disturbing.

This has a solution: turn your head 90º…Nothing, I had to make a joke! :slight_smile:


I just explained how wishful thinking is irrelevant… and it ignites people to keep going on with outlandish feature requests that are very improbable to happen :smiley:

If they would just do a big bug sweep, and then do what they can to future-proof the current iteration as far as possibke, I’d be happy. Guess we’ll see, though in the meantime I wondr how many sales they are losing with their silence? Perhaps they don’t care? It is a side project for those involved, after all, or that is my impression.

As indicated by toblerpone , the online renoise / redux tutorial has been updated. This is good news, is not it? It looks great on wider screens and old links seem to be respected. So there is nothing broken. I wonder if the web design is ready to add or easily change the possible novelties of a future release of Renoise. Of course, it should be thought of in this way.

That said, a facelift of the official website when appropriate (before a possible release) would be very well seen.

Anyway, this does not mean that there is someone working on the software. There is no responsible to inform us.

I leave this last link, without commenting anything else: Renose / Help / Check for Updates…

Looks very good. If Renoise development would be dead this would make little sense.


Maybe this particular update could have something to do with new legal EU directives coming in 2019 for software companies, in the aftermath of GDPR and such?

I’d like to suggest that there is an important update any Renoise user could do right now: build an ad hocfuture-proof compatible Renoise 3.1 system with spare parts. We might even need to launch a special thread about it: what would be the specs of a good budget setup, what would be the optimized setup, what hardware components to invest in, etc.

As long as we have the wav-renderer working (i.e. exporting stuff to another DAW), we could then continue working in Renoise for at least another 10-20 years even if the developer would abandon the project and decide to not make any part of it open source.

The plot thickens.

But I don’t think you can safely read much at all into this…

It’s like with the occasional videos of Renoise (that seem to be official from the team, no?). It only shows that they are gardening things (due to lack of more meaningful tasks?), and that they to some extent still want to market the product. Perhaps, at best, a sign of that enough money is still being made to motivate this kind of activity.

Renoise being dead or Renoise 3.2 being imminent both seem like very wild assumptions, if based on this event alone :slight_smile:

No, it is the opposite of good news, it means that Taktik does not plan to make any functional or conceptual updates, neither to Renoise nor to Redux. Instead they are cementing the current, partly outdated structure. This means no parallel container, no sidechain, no improved recording, no vst effect support in redux, basically nothing I was hoping for such a long time…

I would not know what to do. I will not be the one who defends this absurd behavior of remaining silent without informing the clients even once. I really do not understand this situation. It’s as if something had happened years ago that made it better not to report anything at all. This secrecy is not normal.

However, I would like to think that updating the manual is a good thing to be able to easily add or change new features. But, as far as I know, the previous website of the manual already had that capacity. That is, if you want to change a screen capture, or a certain text, the platform provides it.

But yes, it seems rather to leave a manual ready for version 3.1 and say goodbye, so far we have arrived! As no responsible person of Renoise informs us of anything, we can think what we want…

All we know is that the forums are maintained and the online manual has been updated. Nothing else.

Read this. least Eduard is responsible for that update or at least has approved it…It seems that some legal issue also has to do. Because there is personal contact data, quite direct.

Seems so. I don’t understand it neither.

But why are you linking to the imprint section? It is German law, so you are forced to have such a section on any webpage, there needs to be one responsible person to be able to be addressed, or for a GmbH, a proper company address (I think USt-ID is not required, only for GmbH). But the imprint does not mean that Taktik will approve everything happening here?

HOT hot hOOOOOOOooot from the pressdesk !

Taktik is hard at work for the upcomig renoise release ,

No more vertical scrolling … but circular rotation/scrolling , every track will be represented as a circle , concentric to each other

Taktik has used all his coding skills so that the circular scrolling will give you a headache in NO time …

Renoise 3.5 will also come with a new unskinnable PINK/GREEN gui


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Sounds good. Can’t wait … lol

Version 3.5… I guess that would make sense, bumping the versions more quickly to version 4 would get the money rolling in :slight_smile: Fair enough right?

As an aside: yesterday I had to upgrade to macOS High Sierra (for job requirements) and I had a nightmare with plugins - AUs and VSTs not validating, even crashing Renoise when validating. I’ve sort of normalised it now, but jesus, I can’t WAIT for an update that even fixes that.

In the meantime, whilst waiting for the upcoming super-buggy-unstable Renoise, try a magic eye stereogram:

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Tbh I don’t care for new features right now just fix the bugs on High Sierra please. I’ve got to work on some tracks for a release

Honestly, I just hope things get updated to todays standards, and hope they finish with integrating proper plugin support. I don’t care about new features, I would just hope they will finish the product, iron out current bugs and I would be happy.

  • High DPI screen support

  • Proper handling of VST/AU on PC/MAC (Allow for audio and midi throughput, currently you can not route audio into a vst that handles midi as well, example: Elektron OverBridge)

  • High Sierra bugs

  • Mixer DSP bug (faulty volume control)

What’s the Mixer DSP bug?