Any one interested in swapping there copy of Redux for my Renoise

As per title. Needs to be up to date. My copy of Renoise is good until 3.7


I’m pretty sure its against the User License Agreement
Edit: i was wrong

Ok I will check it out, but someone asked before. In theory though we could just sell are copies to each as you can sell the license according to the license agreement. It’s just all down to wording really.

No, it’s not. You can transfer your license to anyone you like. What is exchanged for that license is none of Renoise’s concern. You just need to contact Renoise to finalize the transfer. This way the new owner gets a personalized copy, and the seller loses access to it.

Transferability of the Licence

  1. The transfer of the licence to third parties is only permitted if the third party agrees to be bound by all rights and duties arising from this licensing agreement. In this case the licensee is required to inform the licensor of the transfer of the licence; the licensor will then supply the third party with a personalised original of the software.
  2. The licensee will then be required to hand over the complete original software and destroy immediately all copies in his possession. Installed and electronically stored copies are to be deleted in such a way that they cannot be recreated.

Ohh okay gotcha, my bad

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