Any Plans For An Android Renoise?

theres almost no music software for android and if renoise worked on it they would have without a doubt a total monopoly.

caustic was written in c++ (i presume renoise was too) and is almost the only thing worth looking at for android.
milkytracker has been converted but it doesnt work for my tab.

please at least consider it renoise devs ;)

FLoops have just done it from what I’ve read (although only skimmed over the topic title on another forum.)

Android is a Linux-based os isn’t it?
The only other important thing is what CPU does it run on?

floops has been saying that for a while.
an initial look at android sdk suggests its based on java, maybe linux way back after that i dont know.
the silly thing is you get almost none of the sound functionality of java so people have to write their own hacky sound engines.

even a stripped out cut down test beta version of renoise for android would be awesome.

Yes Android is based on Linux (not sure what Sporsmaal is on about. An OS based on Java? You what!) but isn’t that the same as saying iOS (for iPhone, iPad etc etc) is based on OSX. Or I guess Windows Mobile is based on Windows. Doesn’t mean you can just run the same software on it! Not without some considerable changes anyway.

And although FLoops have been saying they are going to for ages I got the impression that is the closest to any real evidence that it’s even partially working as of yet…

The strength of a soundtracker is in its patterns, keyboard shortcuts, and GUI efficiency.

A port of the Renoise playback engine to Andoid could be possible with a lot of work, maybe through the usage of the SDL/NDK libraries.

But first of all it should only be available for tablet users.

Let’s drop VSTs or VSTis that won’t work.

And then, the interface has to be 100% rewritten.

Renoise has no “virtual keyboard” that could insert notes in a pattern. Adding a usefull ‘virtual keyboard’ in the GUI interface implies to entirely re-think the bottom screen logic.

What you do easily, like pattern scroll up, down, left right, play a line, select, drag & drop, cut & paste, won’t be that easy.

Milkytracker’s virtual keyboard and overall interface on a Galaxy Tab are a failure.

And even with a virtual keyboard (piano-like thing) the ‘shortcut’ logic is lost.

With actuel tablets, you don’t have the precision of a mouse. So changing precisely automation & envelopes points couldn’t work. What is very bothering.

Even owners of desktop computers complain about the “sample keyzone” space that isn’t wide enough. I suppose that using this feature on a tablet screen will be a pain in the ass.

Think about the + & - buttons that control the number of note columns & pattern effects. Some buttons or fonts have to be bigger.

The pattern matrix can only be used with one shown pattern track.

Finally a complete GUI redesign should be needed.

I could see a renoise pattern/editor as being a cool tool for handheld devices, but as far as a full-fledged renoise for handhelds I think it’s more trouble than its worth.

For now I just use sunvox on my droid for this, but a straight up renoise for handheld could be neat… especially if there was a renoise cloud where we could save our patterns (or clips as have been discussed) for easy syncing with our home/studio systems. That’d be kinda cool.

This whole topic has been discussed a few months back at length on a forum titled something like “renoise for ipad”… there were some interesting brainstorms that did not apply only to handhelds.

ah yes theres an ndk as well, the sdk is java based and thats what i looked at, sorry for the confusion.
this actually is good news for my own android app development attempts :)
like i said i just had a quick look into android.

well of course vst’s wont work and the interface would have to accomodate touchscreen.
even just a straight sample tracker version of renoise would be great to start with.

ive had an android pad for a few months now and its pretty much useless because there are no good music apps.
something i wasnt aware of untill i got one unfortunately.

uloops is the only other android app with any potential, but the way you create music with it will not ever work for anything live.
and the ‘cloud’ thing it uses means you have to have an internet connection to even open the app!
imagine if you did somehow manage to make a live set with it, theres no way you could connect in a club or a field full of hippies to play anything.
cloud computing is not for mobile music(or any other) apps, not untill the entire globe is covered with free high bandwidth connections, which will never happen.

Does Sunvox work on Android? Doesn’t seem to be listed on their site but Googling Sunvox Android appears to bring up positive results.

yeah that was misleading. sunvox is NOT on android yet. I’ve got it on my ipod touch… swore I’ve used it on my droid too, but that’s highly unlikely as it’s not available through the market and the only mentions of sunvox on android after a google search is from people requesting it :)

The only audio apps I’ve got on my droid are a couple audio analyzers and touch controllers etc (touchosc, android monome, ardour remote, etc)… Its true… there really is not much if anything in way of audio sequencing apps on android.

As far as cloud computing goes I guess I live in a bubble that is silicon valley so I don’t really run into connectivity issues all that often (even on the bus I commute on)… probably not the case with the rest of the world.

Speaking of android I actually work at google (tech ops manager at studio G) across the street from android’s headquarters. If anybody on the renoise dev team does decide to build something for android and needs a contact or two for technical or marketing assistance shoot me a PM.

I would more than like to have Renoise on both: Android and iOS machines. I play with Sunvox a lot on iPad2, I really miss Renoise here.
There is FruityLoops already on iPhone & iPad, working also great.

I’m so not in favor of this idea. There’s a reason why there are tablets and other fad and why there are workstations. Useful work is performed on the latter, for that matter, excuse my luddite ways, if you can.
Please, let the devs concentrate on already very big feature pool for existing versions that at least have a certain common denominator. There will be Windows 8 tablet devices later down the road, with x86 processors, and, therefore, most assuredly Renoise will run very fine on those.

i dont think you get it.
android pads are around right now, and their price is coming down as quickly as their power goes up.
it is a very suitable device for making and performing music with, if only there was the software.

wait long enough and we will be able to directly record the music in our heads to a device.
untill then we have android pads, full circle, they need software right now.

If there was a vote on features , I would choose further development for Windows/Linux and MacOS and not for any other platforms. I paid for a PC/MAC program and I expect it’s development in that field. There is much to be done for chosen platforms, for example there is no 64 bit build for windows, no track freezing, no wave tracks etc. I think it is more important to make renoise’s feature list complete than adding another platform which would need a lot of work, maybe it is not possible without rewriting the engine, I don’t know.

imo Nanoloop for android its best

Application development for Android is a hell of a mess. It’s not a consistent across many devices which all have different hardware specs and barely any warranties from manufacturers or Google itself. That may not matter much to a chat app or a chronometer but Renoise is a serious DAW, existing along the “big guys” for 10 years. Which is why iPad always wins over Android, I might add.

I can agree that it’d be very cool. I mean, one of the first things on my first Android phone (not a tablet) was looking for some kind of a piano app or something. But the amount of effort that would be required for this can’t be justified.

Well, there are enough tools for Android that probably allow you to configure and control OSC on it.
If you could setup a streamer app that routes audio back to your android tablet, you can actually control any audio software on your home pc that supports OSC.
In that regard, it is probably easier to create some kind of interpreter on Android that sends OSC commands across the net to your computer where Renoise OSC server runs and an audio streamer (A virtual audio device driver) that picks up the output Renoise is broadcasting its audio to.
But which virtual audio device driver allows this kind of streaming service?

Wireless composing… and it could be extended to perform multi-user sessions.

what would be the point in connecting a pad and a pc like this?
might as well just use the pc in that case.

nanoloop is one i never tried thanks Jalex. it is limited to 6 samples though, a good start all the same.

im just going to have to make an android tracker myself and leave the renoise devs to add more and more useless (think pianoroll) features to the pc version.

Go for it! And if you think the features Renoise Team have been adding to the program what are you doing here?

ok i will :)
this is the first and only thing i made for android.
took about half an hour, 1 hour tops, to make. obviously its nothing like renoise and the timing method needs to be changed. (and you need at least android 2.2)
if i can make that, and im not a pro developer, (not android anyway) i imagine the renoise team could knock together a working prototype in just a few days.
i, and im sure many others, would be more than willing to test it for them.

im here because i use renoise and think is the best daw on the market.
but since about v2.0 they have just been more or less fiddling with it, time to expand their empire?.