Any programmers capable and willing to fix GridPie?

I would really love to use this tool but it is giving me such a headache @danoise seems like he doesnt have the time to look at it but Id even be willing to pay something if I could just finally use renoise in live situations

i actually meant the duplex version for midi controller support. but also this one has some flaws for me.
1 not visual feedback on midi controller
2 the control to navigate the pattern matrix is only mappable to a knob and doesnt work with my launchpad
3 when track follow isnt enabled, the focus switches to the track selected in the pattern navigater

i was becoming kinda frustrated with all this so i was thinking about trying to program my own version of the duplex gridpie. Id be happy to share my thoughts if anyone would like to help me get there

edit. im going to open an new post to see if someone might be able to help me with that :slight_smile:

I have a launchpad mini. hold up im opening a post just now

so i created the post here. let me know what you think :slight_smile: