Any Renoisers Have Ambient Techno Tracks To Share?

Last Monday I performed live in Philadelphia(although short as it was open mic) for the first time and a bajillion years and it was a lot of fun and now I’m working on a longer set again as I’m trying to get a longer spot.

I’ll be using good old renoise and a vst and dsps for live manipulation and the set will roughly be 60 percent originals and 40 percent other awesome minimalist ambient techno tracks that fit nicely into the mix.

If anyone has anything they would like to possibly have played in the set, especially if it has a rich ambient spacey detroitish minimalistic techno sound, please reply with links. Thank you

FYI if someone comes up, and asked me ‘that was nice set, are they all originals?’, i’m planning on having a couple cdrs with printed label ready that contain the tracks that were in the set so everyone gets due credit/promotion.

Type (on Youtube):

djnick deetronic kubo

And you will hear intro and ingame music mix, all Renoise work by me :)

nice djnick thanks!

Sodiufas Im digging this a lot i followed your soundcloud. I think sun sound most of what im looking for. I stay i9n contact with you and let you know if or when i use it so you can tell me how you would like your information in the credits. peace!

Ok cool :)
Btw, “sun” made on sunvox.