Any tips on making these bass glides?

Hey all,

I’m interested to know how one could achieve bass glides like in this track: Stream HOW TO MAKE 909'S (these is 10010s tho) by Ghosty | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

I know of the producer, and know he uses fruity loops and their glide feature. Can this be done in Renoise? Afaik the entire bass melody is one 909/808 sample, and it’s the glides that gives it that feel when it’s bouncing all over the place.

I’ve tried to play with glides, and they’re confusing me. If I want to glide from C3 to C5 within say 2 beats how can I do that? I think once I know how to do that I can get close.

Advice please.

ya renoise is great for pitch glides. I mostly use the Uxx and Dxx effect commands where xx is 1/16th of a semitone in hex, thus U10 is one semitone, UC0 is an octave, etc. But you can get precise control over pitch movement using Uxx/Dxx or Gxx, once you understand how they work.

The glide command, Gxx, where xx is the glide rate in 1/16ths of a semitone over time, works out similarly to Uxx/Dxx in terms of what you hear, but you need to input the desired note you’re sliding to on the same line, and account for the time it takes to get to the desired note by inputting additional Gxx commands on succeeding lines, if need be. Big, fast pitch jumps, or slower gradual glides will need additional Uxx/Dxx or Gxx commands.

Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 5.25.23 AM

these two sound functionally very similar

I tend to prefer the uxx/dxx commands as they feel more precise and flexible to me, but you have to learn/know how the hex translates into pitch value. Gxx is great when you have a specific melody that you want to outline in poratmento, either slow or fast… experiment and see what’s best for the sound and workflow you want. Your bpm and LPB values will have a big impact on the timing of pitch movement, so you might need to increase your LPB if you want fast glides, depending on what you’re currently working at. I usually use 16 LPB, and that’s generally a high enough resolution for fast enough glides at the tempos I’m working at. YMMV

depends on what you mean by beats, but given the audio you linked, with its fast glides, it would be
Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 5.31.45 AM

the same thing using Uxx would be
Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 5.33.45 AM
which I tend to prefer because it’s a little simpler/faster to input. Note that U00/D00 repeats the last input Uxx or Dxx value

lol @ 10010s


Yeah I find GXX very confusing. I’m ok with hex, I’m a programmer. But, it’s the glide command, it works a bit funky. I need to spend more time with it and I’ll try the UXX and DXX commands.

What’s the 10101010’s in reference too? That was funny lmao. (Edit: Ooooooh, the track title).

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