Any Tips On Precision Volume Cuts?

I’m working on a glitchy minimal techno track and need to do a lot of volume cuts.


Then do them!

Volume cuts could be:
• Using the Ex effect in the volume/panning columns
• Using track volume effect Cxx in the track’s effect column
• Ditto, for master track
• Volume envelopes with ultra-steep declines.

I find Ex most useful unless I have delays and reverbs I want to cut, then I escalate to a Cxx in the track, the track’s Send destination, or Master.

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For precision volume automation I use two gainers. The first set to -12dB (because the maximum boost is 12db) and the other can be automated :)


I guess I also need to consider the speed issue. I normally use speed 6. But, I might have more control over quick volume cuts by using a faster speed.

note cut after x ticks:
Fx in the volume or panning column

C-4 01 -- F2 F106  
cuts note after 2 out of 6 ticks  

Of course, if you’re dealing with crappy VST plugs or crappy samples you might get some clicking with abrupt volume changes. Avoid if possible. Sometimes you have to edit these out in post production.

Sh¡t, sorry that’s the effect I meant! UGH. I think I was thinking ECx from FT2… gah, showing my age…
Yes, Fx is what I meant :-S

aren’t there a million free auto-gate (rhythmical gating) vst plugins? :slight_smile: search kvr

But that’s no fun! :)

This is a really helpful thread.

i think what you’re looking for is the “0400” command. It’s very useful for rhythmic stuff, especially when working with looping samples. sometimes i just fill then entire column up with 0400’s and then just tweak the volumes (the number after the 4) and the tick cuts (the last number). good luck

I’d like to add…

sequencing at double speed (so 260bpm for a 130bpm track) will double your precision ;)

Simply using 80 and 00 in the volume column does this, right?
I do it all the time, as long as you don’t reverb or delay, it’s tight
ass glitch cut porno.

In relation to this topic, I have a question about the pre-bundled tutorial track call “Cross-Track Routing” :

In the first pattern, at line 35, the gainer is set to -INF to mute out the drums loop. I just can’t figure out how this is done, can anyone explain ?

OK never mind I found, it was in the automation panel :slight_smile:

could also bounce the track to a new instrument or sample slot and edit the audio in the waveform editor…for ultra super dangle master sample precision fandango.,…just my 2002 French 2 cent coinsworth