Any Tips On Waking Up In The Morning?

Waking up to one of the best basslines evar done: win!

queue up sum sik nu metal and jump the fuck up/out of bed! :>>

Dblue, i’ve been jumping up and doing pressups since reading your reply…it works.

It does work for me most of the time to place a cell phone some distance away from the bed.
But I’ve also had the same experience, waking up and I see the phone beside me and both alarm clocks have been turned off and no memory at all that I’ve done it :blink:

For me to get up early it has to be a motiviation to get up, e.g. need to go to a meeting at work or visiting a customer (just to get to work is not enough :D).
Lukily for me I got a large pool of overtime, so nobody cares at work so long as the work gets done :D

STAY THE FUCK OUT OF ARIZONA!!! It is a baron shithole that’ll drain the life essence out of you. You will wake up in the morning regretting you were born and go to bed at night hoping you die in your sleep. If you really want to come to Arizona, you might as well save yourself the trouble and fist your own mouth with a handful of Cyanide tablets.

And don’t think that a quick visit can’t fuck your shit up, I know too many people that came out here for a short stay and got sucked into this scorched earth black hole. I’m one of those poor souls.

Pardon my cursing, I just feel it necessary to get this point across.

Damn right!

Does a neighbor with kids count? Not dating her though.

mayby you’re right, cos I hate americans.

there sure are a lot of us to hate. but breaking the hate down by state makes it much more poignant.


general: “I dislike fat, whiny, Americans. They have lousy beer.”

specific: “I dislike the morbidly obese, cultureless, potato f***ing morons living in Idaho. They don’t know a damn thing about food with any kind of seasoning other than salt or grease and take a fascist pride in getting drunk off of weasel piss.”

plus, that allows you an out for enjoying the really awesome parts of the states, like Boston in autumn or Portland Oregon in the winter.

“Any Tips On Waking Up In The Morning?, I’m a late night tracker”

don’t track at late night

yeah, i know. :rolleyes:

It’s not necessarily the Americans (though I’ve noticed that Arizonans are less outgoing and friendly than other parts of the US) as it is the smelting hot heat. During the summer when the sun is up, you can’t do ANYTHING except stay indoors. If you do go outside, you’re confronted with a simulation of what it would be like walking into your kitchen oven (that’s in the shade, no joke), followed by the sensation of your skin burning like bacon when you step into the sun. It gets so hot at times here that breathing becomes more of an uncomfortable duty than a beneficial life function. The sun beating down on you makes you feel drained of your energy and at times delusional. As I said before, this all takes place in the summer. The sad part is that summer takes up the majority of the year. There is no fall or spring, instead summer consumes both of those seasons which then leaves “winter” for 2-3 months… that’s it.

If you plan on checking out America, there’s many other cooler (both experience and temperature) places in the US. Check out NYC, beaches of seaside heights, beaches and cliffs of Malibu, flat farmlands of Wisconsin, heck even Florida (though it’s very humid). And if you do come to Arizona (to check out Phoenix), just come during the winter. Otherwise, the grand canyon is further up north so the temperatures aren’t as retarded.

I think better at night. Sun’s gone, so I’m relaxing… not hiding. :lol:

And then wet your bed because you dream of going to the toilet taking a leak…
That is so shit when that happens!

I keep my Lapotp open for 24 hours as an alarm clock to wake me up. It’s best for you to buy a High definition 6CH or 7.1 wide configuration speakers and try to play any metal music by ‘Metallica’ or ‘Slayer’ and set it to your loudest volume ever. This is too effective every time I go to school before 6:00 early in the morning! (Warning: Birds might fly away…Whoosh!!!)…st-alarm-clock/


Jump ahead to the good stuff:

Vv did you just admit to wetting the bed? :panic:

Also: breakfast!
I usually skip it tbh, but it helps to eat something even if it’s only an (appropriately named) Tracker Bar.

i think for most people, the problem is not that they have a disorder, it is simply that many peoples lives mean they sit on their ass in front of a computer all day so they don’t burn off enough energy to be properly tired in the evening. the solution, clearly, is therefore to forego all the trappings of modern society. abandon electric lights and hunt for your food everyday. lug and chop firewood. pretty soon you’ll be sleeping like a baby on your bed of straw and waking up naturally without any annoying ringtones in sight.

in fact if you get into the habit of waking up early and you get enough exercise, you may find you naturally wake up early even after tracking until 4am. however this would only work about once before your cycle adjusts. but i think tracking at night is highly effective, so screw the sleep cycle; suffer for your art and all that crud.

Genfu is right,
Also I read somewhere that to get a good night’s sleep it’s best to keep your room for sleeping in only. So maybe track downstairs?

I had snares’ shitfuckers! as my alarm clock for a little while, with this rad program called powercontroller for osx. That got me up, but I was angry in the mornings. Then I changed it to hot chip, and i was happy but asleep.

don’t smoke weed

especially if you just got out of bed :P

I’ve had the flashbulb - stretch industry for ages now. I despise it. Some mornings when i’ve pressed snooze a bunch of times and it keeps coming on I feel like shouting “you just don’t shut the hell up, do you!” and hurling the phone out the window.