Any Tips On Waking Up In The Morning?

It took me two hours to roll my white ass out of bed this morning and that’s with two alarm clocks and me having a semi conversation through txt (sms for those of you over seas). I usually track until 4am and I used to be able to wake up like 4-5 hours later with no problems, but now I’m dying here guys. Any suggestions on what to do?

Drink lots of water before bed, don’t go for a piss. :blink:

get a job. j/k :P
maybe lure yourself into the real world with a nice breakfast & a nice proper cup of coffee

meow: For whatever reason, your avatar fits the topic nicely. :)

Have kids.

situps and pushups, as soon as you can get some blood pumping your body won’t want to hop back in bed.
unless the thought of exercise keeps you from waking…

I work from home a lot, and usually operating in another timezone, so I often don’t have to be “at work” until 2pm, 3pm, etc. I also have some kind of weird behavioural mix between hardcore insomnia and simply staying up late for absolutely no good reason. As a result, I frequently stay up until 4am, 5am, 6am, etc… hell, I quite often go through periods of 2+ days where I don’t sleep at all. As long as you have something productive to do during that time when the rest of world is dead, and you keep your body refreshed with water and maybe some delicious fresh fruits and veg, it can be pretty damn fun!

Anyway, so I know how you feel. I’m also a huge lover of sleeping, and will quite happily sleep for 18 hours if I’m in the right mood, and if my brain is in just the right state to produce a never-ending supply of awesome dreams. Within the cozy, warm embrace of the sheets, basking in the hazy, delirious afterglow of those dreams, it can sometimes be impossible to get up.

The big mental barrier for me is just that initial transition from the horizontal to the vertical. How the hell can it seem so difficult when we’re in bed? It sure seems ridiculous once we’re finally awake and our brain has pumped a few common sense chemicals into the system, but when we’re laying there in dumb dumb comfy sheets and pillows land, who the hell knows what we’re thinking!

So… during times when I absolutely HAVE to wake up at a designated time, for any kind of event like a plane journey, business meeting, or whatever, then what I usually do is set my cellphone alarm to SUPERANNOYING MAXVOLUME MODE, set the alarm sound itself to something with a lot of piercing frequencies that cut through any background noise and can’t easily be ignored, and then physically place my phone on the other side of the room, or somewhere out of reach. That way, come morning time, unless I’m somehow willing to lay through some really loud, annoying-as-hell sounds, and pissing off my housemates in the process, I have to get my lazy ass up to go turn that facking phone off!

And that’s all it takes for me… the moment my body is vertical, the dirty deed is done… I’m awake!

omfg, i just love sleeping… esp just laying in bed half awake in the morning.

i can’t understand how some people seem to always just rise whenever they wake up… if one can’t enjoy that moment what the hell can you enjoy ever then?! (=

I use the same technique as dblue, but since I have to get up early for work, after any nocturnal tracking, I also leave the blinds open a little:
Nothing says wake the hell up like that big burning sky thing.

Haha… my body simply turns to face the wall. A natural defense mechanism against the blinding light which threatens to waken us!

I can only speculate to possibly sleep on something not as comfortable.
I do the opposite of this and I can sleep for long periods of time.

maybe set plans, like tell a friend to come over and wake you up and you will make them breakfast.

being awake through the night till a little after sunrise use to be the best time for my creative abilities, and still really is, like when parts are already asleep. The only problem with this is I truly believe our bodies were designed to be awake during the daylight.

this is where a certain form of anxiety really comes into play or doesn’t at all.

I kinda think the more sleep I get the longer I will live, because of the less days I have lived.

This piece of info might help or not…

…or pets… just don’t get Wilfred, the pot smoking dog… might keep you up for days on end.

Yes, I do the same. I have an alarm clock out of hell, it’s not just loud, it’s off tune, it’s nasty (I have it for like 15 years and it still sounds like an ALARM to me, the hull has been breached and the sky is falling like… now that I mention it, I always wanted to sample it haha). Plus I have a kind of bunk bed, more like a little second floor with a ladder, and rushing down that ladder to turn off the ghoulish screams of my alarm clock helps wonders (it’s the movement, but also my survival instinct: I don’t wanna go down the ladder half sleeping, but I don’t have time to wake up, so I’m awake in an instant because I’m forced to.)

But drinking water and not peeing before sleeping is also very, very good advice, and extremely effective for me, since peeing requires going down that ladder as well.

Get a cat or a dog… a big dog. They usually bounce on your head or run around on the bed under the blanket in the morning. Not something you can ignore for long. -_-

yeah… :D

(though a cat scratching your feet fucking SUCKS, I had one like that as a kid)

@all - Thank you for your pearls of wisdom, I will try some of them out. Though the alarm clock on the other side of the room doesn’t work for me, I get up, snooze and end up in bed multiple times, yeah it’s kinda sad.

I live in Arizona, so there is no turning the other way… that flaming thing in the sky will set the wall on the other side of the room on fire (so it seems).

I too have work between 2-3pm, so it doesn’t really always matter. Just some days shiet has to get done before work. I just don’t understand why I can’t work on 4-5 hours of sleep anymore. I go in and out of these cycles.

totally offtopic but i really would like to visit Arizona some day just and only because
Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds
is sooooooo marvelous track

also, i have a really bad sleeping problems. getting to bed, getting up, living with the clock…that just sucks!

Recently started using my computer as an alarm clock.
I made a wav of 1 hour of silence and added it 7 times to my foobar playlist.
After it in the playlist I put some podcast or other I haven’t listented to yet and turn the volume up fairly high.

This morning it was Victor Lewis-Smith and Chris Morris:

Works pretty well for me! Being entertained rather than annoyed first thing in the morning is a much more effective way to stay awake. It does involve leaving my computer on overnight though, which I don’t like to do.

Alarm clocks don’t work for me, I’ve tried dblue’s trick of leaving my phone on the other side of the room so I have to acutally get up to stop the hellish noises, but countless times I’ve just woken up 2 hours later than I should’ve to find the phone next to me with no memory of getting up and turning it off :confused:

I use mp3-alarm and the song: Kool & The Gang - Jungle Boogie. You can’t sleep when there’s a boogie going on.

or date someone that allready has kids :)