Any tips or tutorials for electronic Dub music from scratch?

Hi there guys,

I was wondering if there were any resources for making Dub (Reggae, not Dubstep) without using premade instrumentals or recordings. I understand that this is the essence of Dub, the mixing aspects, but I want to try making music from scratch entirely within Renoise, using synthesizers and drum samples. I have checked out the Dub Scrolls website and I think it’s a cool place to start, but it usually deals with more traditional techniques and places emphasis on traditional recording practices for guitar, bass, drums, and so on.

So any tips on making dub?

Ah, maybe you need some spring reverb for your convolver too? You can do plenty of weird filtered echos already with renoise dsps.

Lots of sends, filtered delays, changing/lfo’d filter before reverbs, sends on the return channels (like phasers, reverbs on delays) and automation. Dub’s fairly simple in terms of patterns, the action mostly happens with the fx and cuts you perform. If you want to do it live like a traditional dub session then you can make the ‘riddim’ and use mute and/or volume sliders to bring things in and out, with delays and reverbs added accordingly. The vst fx on the dub scrolls website are some of the best.

I have a small collection of spring reverb for convolver I can upload if anyone is interested.

@Meef Chaloin I’m interested! Not only for dub, but for surf as well. I really would appreciate if you could share!