Any Vienna Ensemble Users Out There?

I’m trying to take advantage of VE’s multi-out capabilities, but when I try to setup routing on the Instrument Settings tab, only one stereo out is available (VE should be able to output sixteen). At first I thought each L-R pair was individually separated out (hence the 32 mono Bus channels seen below), but it turns out that’s not the case (selecting Bus pairs does not translate to a stereo output in VE).

Edit: I loaded VE in Pro Tools and the correct number of outs are recognized so I’m not sure where under the hood the breakdown is occurring.

An update for anyone interested. After playing around a bit more, this seems like a VST issue since the AU version works correctly (and I mentioned earlier that the RTAS version works)…

I’m not able to test the VST version in Windows and I’m hoping it’s not an issue there since I’ve been wanting to move back to a PC-based setup.