Any way to change the note under the cursor LSDj / NerdSeq style?

I’ve been getting back into Renoise after stumbling through hardware synths, getting a NerdSeq and falling in love with the workflow, but I’ve been having a hard time getting back into renoise and its ‘keyboard’, especially fine tuning my patterns.

Is there a way to enter and edit notes by raising/lowering the note under the cursor in the pattern? In LSDj and NerdSeq you have Ctrl+left/right to change notes by semitone, while ctrl+up/down changes octave. I’ve been trying to emulate that via keyboard commands in Renoise but don’t think it’s possible.

Ridiculously there seem to be keyboard commands for transposing a selection (“block”), columns or entire patterns in that way but nothing for changing the note under the cursor.

Thanks for any help, I’ve really become so used to this workflow I’m afraid I can’t go back…

Unified Value Shift And Transpose | Renoise

This tool provides you with an universal value shift and transpose functionality. It can shift/transpose note values, instrument numbers, panning, volume and it even can shift/move notes by delay values.

Simply move the cursor on the type of column that should be affected. There is a pair of shortcuts for +1 / -1 and another pair for +80h / -80h.

For example, if you invoke two times the +128 shortcut while the cursor is on the delay column, the selection will be moved by one whole note.

That sounds perfect, I’ll give it a try, thanks!