Any Way To Disable Vst Plug-in Search?


My search attemps had no result on this subject so I decided to ask.

Is there any way to disable “search for new VST plugins” process at the begining? I’ve lots of demo vst sounds and effects on my computer, and every search attemp takes about a minute. I just want to make this search manually when I add any new VST filter or sound, and I don’t want it to be checked every time I start Renoise. Otherwise, I’m experiencing too much delay at startup.

Any hope for me?

If you start Renoise 1.5 for the first time it scans for new plugins, but when you close it down and start it again, it will only summarize your plugin-folders and rescans only if there is a file missing from or added to the tree.


I discovered that there are more than 50.000 files in my plug-ins folder. Probably because I’ve installed all the plug-in files including settings, samples etc in just one folder to ensure complete recognition. So it still takes about a minute just to check the plug-in directory structure and file containment, and I believe there should be a user customizable setting to make this check manually rather than automatically.

Can we add this to the future releases’ demanded feature list? :rolleyes:

I recently cleaned up my VST folder and have to say even though it is a hassle to do it is well worth doing.

If you keep all VSTs in their own sub-file with all their associated files/ documents extensions etc within in that things tend to run a lot smoother. This also makes uninstalling unwanted VSTs a lot easier as you know you are deleting everything associated with them which helps keeping the MB of your VST folder down.

Not very exciting prospect (especially if you have 50,000 files to sort :lol: ((wouldn`t blame you not to)) but I think worth it…

I counted 46,000 files in my two vstdirectories. And I start up at 20 seconds from cold with nothing in RAM-cache. It used to take 1 minute 15 seconds before I defragged.
I also removed all preset files that was possible. They are now also easier to find when browsing.