Any way to hide license name?

Heya, I’m wondering if there’s a hidden setting or a config file I can edit to hide my license name when I boot Renoise up. I wanna stream my music production once in awhile, but I don’t want my full name to show up publicly haha. Thanks!

Afaik your name is only visible during the loading splash. (I may very well be wrong about that). Can’t you just switch scene to something else while the splash is showing?

Also, depending on which streaming software you use, you can always make it only show the actual renoise window. That way the splash will never show in stream at all.

just use black rectangle ‘censorship’ :stuck_out_tongue:

As suggested by others, you can change scenes as the software boots up if you’re using OBS. It’s very easy to do, actually.

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Use 2 monitors

A trick to avoid breaking the flow of the video or the need to edit it later is to use 2 monitors. You will probably have an old monitor. Maybe it’s time to plug it in. So you will have monitor 1 for recording, and monitor 2 (the old one) for other things.

  1. Before recording, close the Renoise main window on monitor 2.
  2. Start recording on monitor 1.
  3. When you launch Renoise, it will appear on monitor 2. When it is already running, you can drag its main window into monitor 1 to make it look.

Renoise minimized before

Another option is to have Renoise minimized before you start recording. But I guess you’ve already thought about this.

Video edition

The last is the solution already commented: edit the video later.

The least complicated is the second. I assume you want the video to show that you click the Renoise icon to run. Is there a problem if Renoise is minimized before?

I’m curious if anyone knows how to actually hide the license name?

I’m a transgender person and I bought this before I changed my name. It’s really distressing to see my old name. And I’m still waiting on a fix from the support team to change the name on my license, with them having not ever actually fixed it the last time I asked (and then forgot about it, and stopped using renoise because it’s distressing to see my old name).