Any way to mimic the AudioThing Type A plugin?

So, I downloaded this plugin as a trial, and I really like it! It does over-modify some of the frequencies a bit more than I’d like, so I wondered if some variation of this could be designed with native Renoise tools?

It’s layout is documented here (on page 6):

The reason I’m curious to know if this can be emulated is because the idea of this working as a single Doofer versus setting up a chain to 4 individual sends makes this seem ideal as another ‘spice’ device. Spice Device! Slap it on as part of the ‘mastering chain’ kinda ‘spice’. I did think of adding this as 4 separate sends - but then I’d have to add a send device to every track in my song. I’d rather just pop a Doofer in place before my mastering chain.

It really did a nice thing with the overall sound of the track, and while I can afford the plugin, I’d rather stick with Renoise solely and no VST/AU additional plugins.

If we had routing within doofers you could do it, or something similar… Looks like basically a multi band compressor/compander. You might be able to create an instrument fx chain routing setup that did something similar, but that would be harder to use than the plugin.

I do wish doofers allowed for complex routing internally

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Yep, that’s the idea I got from this. I can put everything ‘in-line’, but then the signal isn’t being divided properly. The way to do it currently is to assign it to 4 separate Send channels, and then place the send devices on each channel… So, if I’ve got seventeen tracks in a song, then I’d have to have 68 sends for just that effect. Ugh.

@taktik, may we please have a bit more routing available within a Doofer to achieve these sorts of effects within Renoise?

Did you try processing some white noise with your favorite plug-in settings and ad that as an IR in the convolver (just kidding)?

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No, but I have considered it. In this case, I just bought the plugin(s). I hate plugins. I love Renoise!

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