Any1 Knows How To Automate Pitch Bend In Absynth?

Anyone knows how to automate pitch bend (portamento) in Absynth?
No Midiautomationdevice nor VSTiadutomationdevice let me do that, so i’m lost :(((

Any help is highly appreciated.

Sorry can’t help… I always assumed it couldn’t be done… never thought of asking bout this on the forum

Once i got such answer from Andy:Ray

"either use the pitch/wheel on a midi-keyb or enter the midi values by hand in the following manner>

C-4 00 … 91 xxxx

where 91 is (in the pan row) the actual pitch-bend command and xxxx the pitch values… pitch value 4000 resets…

(or sample the damn fxxxer and slide it… )"

But i am not able to make that work… :(

I did not reply because you said that you wanted to automate the pitch wheel… that’s not really automate: you can use that technique to set the pitch wheel value to a specific value and never change it until a new 91 xxyy will be set.

That works with AbSynth too, so there is definitely something wrong with how you are making it.

Tip: if you have a MIDI keyboard with pitch wheel, you can use it to set that 91 xxyy struff correctly by just entering edit mode and moving the pitch wheel: the 91 xxyy will be set accordingly to your movements

actually, i don’t understand how to use this - C-4 00 … 91 xxxx

do i start from 91 0001 or what? and do i need to rise it one by one or a few ones in a step on each line till i reach the note i need?

like :
C-4 00 … 91 0001
… 91 0002
… 91 0003
… 91 0004
… 91 0005
… 91 0006

Is that correct?

im not sure so dont listen to me but: no, thats not correct. :P

render selection to wav -> 1/2xx :w00t:

you have to think at it this way:

0000 means: the wheel is full down

4000 means: the wheel is centered (no pitch bend)

7F00 means: the wheel is full up

the other two digits are for fine control:

3F7F is just a bit lower than 4000

3F7F… 4000… 4001…

if you set it to a value, the corresponding pitch value will be reached immediately (there is no “inertia”), so it’s up to you to decide the level of smoothness.

Remember to set the bend to 4000 again, when no bend is needed.

oK, after some headache I got Pitch Bending to work… god there has to be a better way of doing this than typing in all the values. I almost reverted to writing the song in cubase!

Anyway i’ll put it here for the next person who searches.

For Pitch Bend to work in a MIDI device (like a VST), you need to set the Pitch Bend Boundaries in the VST (ie how far it will pitch bend). The 91 xxxx command is relative to the boundaries you set in the VST.

For pitch bend to work

91 goes into the PAN column - Midi CC 91 is pitch bend
xxxx in the command colums is the amount of pitch bend. Since a pitch bend wheel is centered and can bend up and down the center value is 40xx

You MUST also have which channel to send it to so
B3 01 … 91 4000

B3 is note
01 is channel - instrument
… volume column
91 in PAN column
4000 in effect column

To change the pitch bend ADD the same channel/instrument as the note it was triggered on when issuing the 91 command again

B3 01 … 91 4000
… 01 … 91 3000
… 01 … 91 2000


I can not seem to interpolate these values? Someone let me know if this is true or I am not doing something correct. I don’t want to be typing in pitch bend values, I want to interpolate it. Interpolate just doesn’t seem to do anything to a range of 91 commands.

Wee you’d think pitch bending would be a common and easy thing to do. :P
I want to try this to see how it works but it sure doesn’t look easy. By interpolate do you mean that it doesnt bend the pitch smoothly? :ph34r:
Kudos for taking to the time to figure it out and sharing your results with us. :)