Anybody has a Protracker (Or other Amiga style tracker) skins to share?

I’ve been looking around the forums here and most of the skins are dead links by now
Wondering if anyone has a Protracker style skin to share

Or if you don’t feel free to share any other visually pleasing skin you might have lying around

Thanks in advance boys! :grinning:

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Bump, also interested if anyone has any!

Hi, I made some Protracker themes in the past. but they don’t seem to be included anymore.
So I re-made one here: Dr. Drips - protracker theme.xrnc (5.0 KB) Hope you like it

Edit. After toying with Renoise I made some adjustments for better readability and overal more uniform look.
Dr. Drips - protracker theme v2.xrnc (5.0 KB)


hey, yes! this is exactly what ive been looking for :slight_smile:
if you have any more of your themes unrelated to this thread feel free to share as well, always looking to try out new ones! thanks again for the protracker one

Awesome, thank you!!