Anybody have a MiDiPLUS X6mini Keyboard?

I’m stupid and can’t figure out some things from reading the manual and looking online.

I’m hoping to post some questions here about it if anyone has one and understands it better than I.

I’m using an X3mini. Not the same but I assume it is similar. What problems do you face?

I can’t seem to get the repeat current pattern button (5) to function; I’ve even tried doing an MIDI MAP on it to no avail.
Also the CC Controller Parameters seem to do nothing, I’m guessing I need another MiDi pad, or petal, attached for it to function?

Are you using the MIDI Out Port? At least the X3 seems to have a bug: the buttons (in CC mode, blue lights) are only being output via USB and not via the MIDI port. All other controls output to both ports (like the rotary encoders).
Mapping the buttons in Renoise works fine via USB in CC mode. MMC mode (red ight) cannot be mapped I think.