Anybody have the MilkyWaves sound generator?

I’ve been looking around the forum here, and it would be sweet to give that a try. Can’t seem to find it anywhere :smiley:

Looks like that is the original thread. Posting it here easy finding. During the migration to the new Forum some of the attachments on posts got “lost.”. I believe the Tool is still floating around somewhere and as soon as @taktik (I think he’'s the one saving lost attachments) sees this it will probably be put back in the linked thread.

This Tool may also be of interest, and has been updated for Renoise 3.1.

Thank you! I did already get that one and a couple others as well, the padmorph and the other morph one. Just wanna get my mitts on all of them! :grinning: Heck, I even ported the Orangator synth .exe from the 90s to Wine for OS X. I just love having lots of ways to generate sound.

I’ve added it back now. See first topic at MilkyWaves - A New Set of Generators

@taktik - THANK YOU! :smiley:

This is an excellent waveform generator, gets a very good OPL3 sound. Beautiful. Thanks again for reposting it!