Anybody Know What the Largest Instrument Collection Has Been?

Just wondered if anybody knows what presently or in the past has been the largest sample-based instrument collection by any one person for any tracker?..

I was drawing a blank…

I say this because as I was creating instruments for Protrekkr today I noticed I was over 3,900 so I spent a bit more time topping 4,000…

Might be a record, might not…But it’s alot…My therapist states that “4,000 Instruments is ENOUGH and that I can move on with my life & enjoy family & an occasional nasty hot pocket”…Thus ending this endless OCD masturbatory instrument creation process…I’m CURED!!


:rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:

I never checked the number of my samples, but because of this thread I was interested to know. Currently I’ve got more than 100000 samples (one shots only, because I never liked loops and I wouldn’t use loops) for Renoise (and I could add tons of Amiga stuff, which I haven’t checked). But I don’t use most of them anymore Only some HQ drum samples. VSTs replaced most of the samples. Anyway, it’s interesting to know the number.

He’s lying. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah…Good!..I was referring more to completed instruments that are sample-based for any particular tracker…

I have large lot of samples too but many no good for instruments so I sample output of various VSTi for even larger lots of samples…

Ok. I bet you’ve got millions of samples if you only just created more than 4000 by yourself.
Anyway, as I said, it’s intersting to know the number. And it’s kinda sick if this number has got 6 digits or more. But it’s not enough. Most of them are useless nowadays anyway. Only HQ really counts. Of course you can use them outside of Renoise, too. :wink: