Anybody Need Vocals?

you could post some acapllas or something so everybody could mess with them and post results ;) would be fun

EDIT: ahh, and i forgot yo say that you sagosen have one beautiful gal and like that wasnt enough, she even sings :dribble: you lucky sonofabitch ;)

Shit! Sonus and Henriette that is bloody good…
The song could definatly have been on a madonna album…

Edit: Sorry for misspelling your name

Thanx, I know. :P


Must admit that I´ve been lurking a bit, but now I think it´s time to ask if you´re also interested into doing vocals for trance productions.

So? :)

I´m actually interested to spice this one up a bit and right now I´m also on it to extend it a bit, since this track is a cutted down compo version. Would be cool if you could come up with something for a serious coop :)

I’m sorry i did’nt se this message before now.
I am willing to try to make a vokal to this song, if it’s not to late :D