Anybody Want To Have A Compo?

so i’ve been thinking lately. . it’s been a LONG time since i’ve been in a compo… like 5 years or more, back in efnet #trax i used to sometimes participate in x90 and such compos… well… why not have one here with renoise users?

how many people here would be interested in doing that?

if so then we can all come up the the rules. for the sample set, i was thinking we could ALL contribute samples, everyone who is participating would just send 2 or 3 samples to the whole sampleset, and maybe a couple free vsti’s? it could last 7 days or something like that

let me know, if we can get 5 or more people we should do it

I guess you missed the earlier compos. There has been three beat battles so far, of which only the bb3 page seem to still be working:

Then there was this silly compo too…

There was a thread about this not too long ago… ok, found it:…&f=3&t=6883&st=

Edit: Hmm… notice the bb3 page didn’t have songs. Maybe there is another page somewhere (?)

well i didn’t start using renoise until about march 20th 2005… so i missed those, although i did listen to the entries from trance is gay and i must say i liked them

Yes another trance is gay compo would be great.

i always wanted to make some funny trance music… Pretty sure i could win that compo… B)

well i was hoping to have just a “pure” compo

Another beatbattle sounds tempting … ! :w00t:

we should have a jungle compo :drummer:

The previous compos were not a specific style, but more based on theme. Like one should be the “soundtrack” for a space voyage, another “party music” and the third I don’t remember. But it’s a good idea since it’s so boring to stick to one style and a theme doesn’t limit you in the same way…