Anyone Get Vopm To Work?

Crashes renoise and gnome when trying to open GUI here…

seems so, yep.

tho the binary i used is already without any gui, as this seems to be a known issue:

sure sux, because now one has to controll the vsti completely via the automation device >_>

m1 and m2 seem to be “modulators” and “m1r” or so and “m1a” seem to be the envelopes parameters (don’t know the exact names, but there were sum pretty obvious envelope parameters) of the modulator. have fun figuring the parameters out <_<

also: the audjoo helix port from jucetice seems to work pretty stable, but is missing a gui, too >>
(tho here you can choose “show gui” without crashing anything, as it just uses renoise’s own generic gui for that)
we need a thread dedicated to the helix parameters, as they are overall pretty cryptic and large in numbers <
(but helix is a KILLER plugin, really gr8 sound \o/)

edit: and btw: the keycombination “ctrl+alt+backspace” restarts the xserver. very useful shortcut if xorg is frozen. (altho there are always the ttys if sumthing goes terribly wrong, ie ctrl+alt+f[1-6])


There’s only the gui-less version afaik, and I don’t think I’ll bother with the automation trick… ;)

I’ve got Helix as well, but gui-less it’s a bit… chaotic… :o

the mda ones are great though! and the draw waveform feature is sweet as pie. :)

I’m pretty much disappointed the default patches aren’t in the Linux Helix edition, though you can still do nice things by using the “randomize” button in the alternative dialog on occasion, something funny or fat comes out and sometimes you need to jigger a few sliders in an extreme position to get some more randomisation.