Anyone getting signed / making some wonga?

Hi renoise freaks. I was curious as to whether anyone has had any tracks published on a compilation, been signed by a record label and generally making wonga?! Obviously just using renoise/vsti etc…
Show me the money!
:drummer: :yeah:

I also know that DJ Hidden uses Renoise for all of his tracks now.

Also, Shaper makes his songs with Renoise :) this site was what made me register in the first place! Ah yes, sounds just like prodigy :yeah:

well i got signed to a soccer team. the local cpsl. it may be a crappy pro league but i used it as a stepping stone to get a tryout with a division 2 team in portugal next season. as much as i love music i love soccer more. :)
plus with all the training ive been doing these past 2 months it leaves no time to track a whole track. oh well, GO SPORTING!

lol! not quite what I meant but made me giggle!

ehh, i’ve made some crap for tv shows

but not in about a year or so. and only once with renoise, before that it was ft2.

and the thing with renoise wasn’t actually for a tv show at all

just re-doing the backing tracks for some vocalist’s demo cd