Anyone hav the classic skidding tires SJ scratch tool sample?

I can’t remememmber wherre it came from or went, I swear it was flintstones but I’m not hitting anything.
TIA if anyone has it, I’ll post the bit I want to add it too if I get it, it’s fun and riotous

I think I know the sound you’re talking about, but not quite sure of the exact origin.

Maybe try the public domain sound library for Hanna-Barbera?


Edit: Maybe this one?

77 - Skids


DUDE DBLUE YOU FOUND IT!! !! Fuck yes, I was going to have to use the version that I finally remembered was in Booyah! by Aphrodite and DJ Phantasy or Amazon II. Now I have the actualo source Thanks!
i dont know if this will embed or not but

OH Man! I’M Falling in love with the forum software