Anyone have a Renoise-based emulation of the SP-303 Vinyl effect?

I noticed it’s been emulated in Bitwig and Ableton Live. I sure enjoy the sound, but don’t have the understanding of the ‘how’ to make it. Would be a nice-sounding Doofer, I bet.

Can you post an example of the effect?

Off to work now - vinyl noise loop can be found, but the double compression and filtering… just nice!

I would try pitch modulation using perlin noise/smoothed random lfo for wow/warble, a sin lfo for flutter, layered with a vinyl noise loop. send all that through some gentle bit reduction via lofimat (maybe 8-10 bits, roughly half way on rate) >>compression>> eq with lows and highs cut, mids boosted or a band pass filter. bet that would get you pretty close. it’s not easily done as a doofer because of the need for pitch modulation in the mod section (since we don’t have a native tape/repitching delay), and the need for layering the vinyl noise - although I bet you could make some decent vinyl crakles by glitching some dsp at extreme settings (signal follower with 0 release modulating compression?)…but it would be easy enough to make a doofer for the rest of it (bit reduction, compression, eq/filtering)

edit: make that more like 12 bits and around 11KHz for rate, or to taste :slight_smile:

here’s one take on a doofer. this is lofimat>>analog filter(2P Moog, BP)>>compressor, with some useful macros mapped. init values should be pretty close to usable, depending on the source material

OLD SCHOOL.xrdp (6.8 KB)


Thanks, @slujr !!

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