Anyone Here Ever Make C64 Native Sids?

I was curious if any of the readers here have or were ever involved in the production of sid tunes on the actual 64 in the sid format.

Using your Hardsid card and or sid vst emulators does not count ;)!


yes i have.

tried but it was too boring & slow to make anything because of those certain limitations :confused:

edit: and i made something like almost probably 1/4 track…

Yeah me too, i made around 400 crappy tunes in future composer, sound monitor, fireeagles monitor and many more… But i did’nt program the SID like hubbard, galway, laxity where they did their own routines, if that’s what you meant.

Great fun and good learning experience :)

I did for a few years, using DMC 2 to 5. But since I started music on that one and I suck as a composer my tunes were crap. Some are in the HVSC, but luckily not much got linked to me yet. phew. :)

please, just then share your music…would be fun to hear instead of those empty words…

peace, robert!

sorry, now i got it…amount over the kvality :DDDDDDDDDDD

HEY, nobody asked for any sid’s, and we are so far out that we can’t come up with the idea of sharing our sids ourselves… But i’ve done a couple in a emulator thing, here: Yummy pizza & Improper c0nnections. Luckily all my original c64 tunes were never transfered out of floppy world. (Opaque Fear was an old project name i had, in case you should wonder…)

:yeah: COMMODORE 64 :yeah:

nobody is perfect…scroll up :D


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You are aware that I was referring to your post when i said “HEY”?! Else i don’t understand why you said “Scroll up”. :huh:

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cheers (you may interpret it as PEACE)


I recently bought C64.

I had it many years ago, but gave it away. I hadn’t made anything creative on it, I only played games.

Now I have it again and I will make some SID as soon as I have Future Composer or Rock Monitor or anything else……thor=&released=

I have been added to the HVSC just recently with a 2 channel sample tune… Back in the day it was quite something :D

Never made any SIDs, but I played around with a C64 with a MIDI interface and a slave program (don’t remember which one) hooked up to OctaMED a few years ago. It was a cool feeling to play a real SID chip on a full size MIDI keyboard :D

heeey why goattracker + hard sid 6581 doesn’t count?
that’s pure 64 man!!
it rocks!! :yeah: