Anyone here using a yamaha qy700 with renoise?

So this machine has been really appealing to me lately and i started to think of actually getting one. Anyone here have any experience with this machine? The way im thinking of using it,is building sequences on the machine then sampling that into renoise. Any thoughts on the machine itself or how to use it are welcome

User renoised has one

Yeah with some looking around in the forums i have seen him post about hes qy700. Not sure though if he uses it with renoise or not

I always wanted one , could have snagged one up a couple of months ago …didn’t do it .

Now I regret it …

I got one but also have not used it in conjunction with Renoise yet.

I bought it on eBay some months ago but have honestly not used it too much yet. The intent was having a dedicated linear midi sequencer to complement grid based sequencers (renoise and the octatrack). I’ll try using it more.

The pattern/phrase mode seems quite cool as well as the autoacompaniment system. I have no plans to sell it back.

I have to admit that I partly bought it just based on peoples praising on various forums but I am not sure how to get the most out of it yet.

Also, some have installed usb-based floppy emulation hardware which I considered too.

Sorry to be not more useful in terms of experience with the device.